• Voit vaihtaa verkkokaupan kieltä sivun alalaidasta!
  • Voit vaihtaa verkkokaupan kieltä sivun alalaidasta!


A dog that without Mariseva would hardly ever have been born.

Bentleyh is all source of inspiration that I have to design my products. As a small puppy, Bentleyh has been abandoned to the Romanian shelter, from where he was able to travel to me in 2018. For the start, we had it anything but easy, but I wouldn’t switch away even a second. This gentleman has brought so much good into my life that words can't descripe.


A girl for whom meticulous crafts are passion and love.

I am a 25 years old girl from Espoo, Finland. Even if I couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago running a dog equipment company myself, this now seems like a very logical path to take. I love dogs, I love doing things myself, I love teeny tiny crafts and the feeling of getting a unique and wonderful product sent to a customer.


A company whose unique products withstand use and gaze.

The primary goal is to provide dogs with comfortable and durable products, without forgetting the beautiful appearance. All materials used in the products are carefully selected to make them as suitable as possible for the intended use. Slowly but surely as the range grows, I am constantly trying to develop my products, services, and myself as their manufacturer.

Product safety:

Mariseva products has not yet been official resistance tested - However, numerous products have been in heavy use on my own, around 30kg, sensitive dog as well as customers, from whom I have received very positive feedback on the quality of products (read more here).

I plan to have durability tests made on at least some of my products as soon as possible, which will provide me with valuable information about the actual durability of my products.

I try to find the safest and most durable manufacturing materials for my products. All my products are sewn with an industrial sewing machine and the attachment points with multiple stitching.

Although my products have been carefully manufactured, their condition should be checked regularly, at least the attachment points / stitches should be checked before each use. Intact equipment should also be able to withstand harsher use, in the event of damage (if, for example, a dog chews a leash or a collar), the use of the equipment should be stopped immediately.

In each product, the attachment points and stitches are clearly visible for checking their condition. These sutures should not unravel without external strain (e.g., dog chewing, sharp objects). However, if you notice any looseness at the attachment points, stop using the product immediately and contact me!

Washing and care instructions:

The faux leather lining is easy to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth. If the outer fabric gets dirty, I always recommend hand washing the product. When using a washing machine, you should definitely prefer the most gentle washing program, low temperature and wash bag.

Patterned / colored fabrics may discolor during washing.

Materials and the environment:

When choosing materials and where to buy them, I try to favor Finnish sellers. However, due to poor availability, it is currently not possible to buy all materials in Finland. But I am constantly looking for new and better ways to support Finnish businesses.

The fabrics used in my products currently come to me from Finland and Germany. Body materials (polypropylene webbings and metal parts) are all ordered from the Czech Republic. I buy packaging materials, sewing and other accessories all as close as possible, favoring Finnish shops.

With regard to mailings, the aim is to keep packaging as minimalist and easily recyclable as possible. I do not use tape or any plastic for packaging and mailing. The products are mailed in a cardboard box, the cardboard product / price tags are attached with a paper cord and the thank you letter that comes with the products is made from recycled cardboard itself.

In the manufacturing process, I try to produce as little mixed waste as possible and recycle everything as much as possible. I try my best to make full use of the fabrics and straps.