• Voit vaihtaa verkkokaupan kieltä sivun alalaidasta!
  • Voit vaihtaa verkkokaupan kieltä sivun alalaidasta!

Customer feedback:

" Our first half choke collar and it fit perfectly. The Waterlily pattern is so pleasing to the eye. Order was just on point and we got the products home really quickly for hard use. I can really recommend Mariseva! "

Waterlily half choke collar 25mm wide. Ordered 28.5.2020

" The leashes felt really good in my hand and I liked that they are sturdy material and don't drag on the ground when walking such small dogs. The trigger lock was so light as was a promise and didn't bother the little dogs at all. "

Mandala Gray Fixed straps 15mm wide with 66mm trigger lock. Ordered 28.5.2020

" We got the collar a couple of months ago and since then it's been in heavy use! I like it when it's really sturdy but still quite light for that little russel. It seems really durable at least now with this experience! "

Floral Blue half choke collar 40mm wide. Ordered on 7.4.2020

“ When planning to order products, I repeatedly asked for advice on products and fabric choices and always got help really quickly.

The products look live at least as great as in the pictures and seem really high quality and durable. Have been in use for almost a month now and still manage to marvel at how beautiful collars and leashes we have. 😍 ”

Floral Blue, Mandala Color and Floral Pink half choke collars 40mm wide. Floral Blue and Floral Pink Grip fixed leashes and Mandala Color multifunction leash. Ordered 20.4.2020

" This leash is now being tested by your dog Onni. I've been really pleased with it. Generally, the problem in fabric covered leashes is that the hand loop scratches hands because of the roughness of the fabric. However, you have lined the hand loop with soft faux leather that feels really comfortable in the hand. In addition, the leash is so wide that when loose, it does not slip under the dog's front paws under the stomach (as is often the case with the narrow leather leash we have used). The leash feels durable and above all looks great 😍 "

Chamomile fixed leash. Bought at the charity auction on 15.5.2020

" I ordered a half choke collar with a Chamomile pattern and I was very satisfied with the product. It is still a bit sturdy for our puppy of about 5 kg, but it's definitely gonna be suitable as an adult and just our color. THANK YOU! "

" I liked it a lot and it was just the way I wanted to. Ordering was easy and smooth. "

" The product is very high quality, the customer service was fast and friendly. The product came home fast! "

" - The products were exactly the size I wanted when I ordered them and fit my dog's perfectly

- I think the colors of the fabrics were completely similar to what they were in the pictures on Instagram and the online store. The pictures didn’t, in my opinion, distort the images I got from the colors vs the colors of the collars in reality

- I think the products are really well and carefully made, all the stitches are neat

- The price-quality ratio of martingale collars is excellent

- Materials are easy to keep clean

- I have used my dogs collars DAILY almost three weeks, they really withstand use in all weather conditions. As my dogs are being kept free from the leash, the collars sit perfectly on place and on the leash feel solid and safe, which is important because my dogs are very powerful

- I will definitely order new products for my dogs in the future because I like the patterns in the collars, the price-quality ratio and the work. I also especially appreciate the entrepreneur's contribution to the products -> you can see from the products that they were not made one after another in a hurry

Good luck to your work, you seem like a very innovative entrepreneur who I think invests appropriately in social media advertising and feels that when needed you are also easily reachable if detailed questions or wishes come 😊 "

Mandala Color & Mandala Gray martingale collars. Ordered 28.5.2020

Customer photos: